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Dishwasher Safety Notice - IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE

Hotpoint FDW20/FDW60/FDW65A dishwashers

Hotpoint are aware of a small number of cases of dishwashers where an electrical component has failed. This may lead to overheating and in rare cases a potential fire hazard. Our absolute priority is to locate and modify every dishwasher that is affected.
If you own a Hotpoint FDW20/ FDW60/ FDW65A dishwasher manufactured between June 2006 and March 2007, with the affected serial numbers (as per the box below) and sold in the UK:

What to do.

To check if you own an affected product:
• When checking firstly as a precaution, make sure it is turned off and disconnected from the
wall socket.
• Check the model and serial number of your Hotpoint dishwasher. These can be found on a sticker
on the inside of the door as outlined below.
• The serial number is 9 digits long, if the first 5 digits are between S/N 60601 and S/N 70331 your
appliance is affected.
• If repaired recently by Hotpoint and there is a green sticker on the inside of the door, then the
machine has already been repaired.
• If your product is affected please call our dedicated Customer Service line 08448 910094.
• Or you can contact us via a dedicated email address:
• You can also check online at:
• We will arrange to visit your home and make a free of charge repair.

Customer Service Line:  08448 910094   Monday to Friday – 8am to 6.30pm  Saturday – 8.30am to 5.30pm  Sunday – 9.30am to 3.30pm


Hotpoint FDW20/FDW60/

FDW65A Dishwashers

Appliance Safety Notices:

WIXE 167 (Indesit),   WIXL 143 (Indesit),   HVF 344 (Hotpoint),   IWB5 113 (Indesit),   WIXE 127 (Indesit),

WIXL 163S (Indesit),   WIXL 163 (Indesit),   IWE7 145 (Indesit),   WMF 760P (Hotpoint),   IWC 6165 (Indesit),

IWC 61651 (Indesit),   WIXL 143S (Indesit),   IWB 5123 (Indesit),   IWC 6145S (Indesit

Please visit: & for more information.

Latest information supplied by Watchdog for Indesit & Hotpoint Washing Machines. Affected Models Numbers are listed below.

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